Self-Study English Lessons

In 2002, our team launched a resource site for English language teachers called ESL Library. Since then, thousands of teachers around the world have been using our ready-made lessons to teach English. Many of these teachers have requested student access to our materials. We thought this was a great idea, so we built a brand-new site called English App.

English App features professionally made English lessons that have been tested and approved by teachers. Our publishing team rewrote the content for self-study so that students can learn at their own pace. Each lesson comes with several tasks including reading, listening, comprehension, and vocabulary building.

Our lessons are categorized into several courses. We have English courses for traveling, business, and everyday living. English App also includes a word app that allows learners to track their vocabulary-building progress.

Try some sample lessons to see if you’re interested in subscribing!

Our Team

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Ben Buckwold

CEO, Red River Press

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Tara Benwell

Head Writer

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Tanya Trusler


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Robyn Shesterniak

Creative Director

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Piotr Raginiak


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Katelin Dubois